Hole In The Wall Beach

Welcome everyone, this is Booderee. Or in the local Dhurga language, Walawaani Njindjiwan Njin Booderee.


Booderee is home to one of Australia’s most stunning national parks.

Crystal-clear waters meet beautiful white sand beaches, while high cliffs and historic relics overlook the majestic Pacific Ocean.

Booderee National Park features extraordinary native wildlife and is adorned with expansive botanic gardens.


Visiting the Park


You need a park pass to experience the natural and cultural marvels of Booderee National Park.

Planning on staying in the park? Booderee offers beachside campgrounds nestled among pristine native bushland.

Campsites fill up fast during peak periods, so we suggest booking early to avoid missing out.

Hole in the Wall Beach gets its name from the sandstone rock wall with a hole in it at the eastern end of the beach. The hole has now collapsed and formed a U shape and is a popular photography spot especially in the early morning.

There’s also great snorkelling around this area.

Prices & Hours

Indicative Prices from $13 to $76 (There is a charge per car to access Booderee National Park. Prices subject to change. Please check onsite signage. Passes can be purchased online.)

The park is open 24 hours daily.

The Botanic Gardens are open 9am - 5pm daily.
The Visitor Centre is open 9:30am – 3pm
(Mon to Thurs - School Days) 9am – 4pm
(Fridays, Weekends, Public Holidays & School Holidays)


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