Green Patch Beach

Green Patch Beach

Green Patch Beach is a popular snorkelling spot for the younger ones and those who are just starting out. The calm and safe water makes for a great environment to learn the ropes. This beach is located inside Booderee National Park, filled with tonnes of local wildlife including wallabies, lorikeets and echidnas. You'll be able to spot these lovely creatures on the land but also catch a glimpse of octopus, squid and many species of fish that often swim about around the rock platforms. While you're here, be sure to venture along the easy Telegraph Creek Walking Trail that gives visitors a great insight into the surrounding vegetation.

There are some short walks that are perfect for younger visitors.

Around the rock platforms you’re likely to spot octopus, squid and lots of fish. See if you can spot some of our regular visitors:

  • wallabies
  • lorikeets
  • parrots
  • echidnas


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